Best 1 Professional Translation Rates in Jordan

Do you want to translate your important documents but don’t know the translation rates in Jordan?

Like the whole world, there are already set translation rates in Jordan, which the translation service providers follow. But if you are doing content translation by the free apps, chances are your message will not be adequately conveyed. That’s why professional translation services are here to the rescue.

These translation and interpretation services can help you effectively translate the content according to all the audiences you are trying to reach.

So, if you want to avail high-quality translation and interpretation services at economical translation rates in Jordan, Dar ibn Khaldun is undoubtedly the right solution to your problem. Our platform has certified and professional translators and interpreters offering quality services to customers.

Factors that Impact Translation Rates in Jordan

As a customer of translation services, it’s highly recommendable to quantify your content translation rates on your own before taking the services from any company/agency. With the help of the below factors, you can know what factors are impactful on the translation rates in Jordan:

Complexity of Content

The translation rates vary depending on the technicality or complexity of the content that is to be translated. For instance, the user guide of an electronic device or an employment contract may require an expert translator with advanced knowledge.

If you want a high-quality translation, try to work with a translator with excellent information about the terminologies required in your chosen industry. Although, this level translator will be paid more than the simple translator.

So, employment contract translation will be pricier than translating the product descriptions.

If you want to translate thousands of words with the translator’s immediate availability, then translation rates must be according to the task. Translators at Dar Ibn Khaldun give their full time and attention to the project to ensure the prompt and timely delivery of your project without compromising the quality of the translated content.
Delivery Time
Translation rates also depend on how quickly you want it to be translated. An experienced translation agency/translator conversion time is around 2000 words per day. You must know these timings are limited to translation only, excluding proofreading and editing. If you give an urgent 24-hour order, you will have to pay rush fees as well.
Combination of Languages
In this digital era, it’s possible to translate content into different languages. The widely used language is English, but not necessarily everyone’s translation requirement. A good translation agency must have highly qualified and professional translators who interpret and translate these languages proficiently: French, German, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Korean, and Chinese. Also, the charges may vary according to the languages.
Freelance Translator Vs Translation Company
Individual translator charges less than translation companies. The reason for high translation rates in Jordan by professional translation agencies is that they provide value-added services and tailored solutions to your needs, like selecting the right translators, project management, file conversions, and editing/proofreading.
Editing and Proofreading
It would be best to remember that most companies charge and take time individually to proofread and edit. So, when you hire a translation agency or translator, try to know their additional costs in advance.

Billing Units and Translation Rates in Jordan

Usually, translation is charged by the text source word, i.e., the text to be translated. The charging by the source’s word is text-enabled, and usually, the translator gives the translation price. A few translators charge by the text target’s terms (the result of the text created, if translation). Other possibilities of charging units are by the lump-sum, per hour, or royalties.

We at Dar Ibn Khaldun offer professional, fast, and effective human translation services. It’s usually seen that a professional translator delivers 2000 words per day or 200 words per hour. We have versatile a team of professional translators. To meet the customer requirement, we can split projects among different translators when needed.

Get Best Translation Rates in Jordan

Dar Ibn Khaldun is a company based in Amman, but we have reached all over Jordan. We believe in working 24/7 as we know the world doesn’t stop working. If it is night in Amman and our customers in New York want an immediate response, we don’t disappoint them. Instead, our customers can call us anytime, asking about the translation rates in Jordan.

We believe in diversity, so we hire a vast array of interpreters and translators. We are an equal opportunity employer and employ men and women from diverse academic, technical, professional, religious, financial, I.T, and legal backgrounds to ensure customer satisfaction when it comes to quality translation services.

Our translation rates in Jordan are exceptional. We offer discounts for returning customers who are registered with us. Also, for every customer, our prices are reasonable and affordable.

We have worked with various industries like Hospitals, Construction, Law, Business, Banks, Insurance, Hotels, Engineering, Immigration, and Government. Our satisfied customers are reputable organizations like Bank Al Etihad, Samsung, Pepsi, Isra University, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, and Middle East insurance companies.


You may know now how translation rates in Jordan work. You’ve learned how to see the translation rates, factors that impact the prices of translation, and how billing units work in Jordan. Most importantly, you now know how to make a wise decision when looking for translation services. Also, now you can choose the translation service provider without facing any scam