Leaders of the Arabic Translation Services since 1991 in Amman Jordan

Arabic translation, at Dar Ibn Khaldun, provides various distinguished linguistic services; whereas our team of experts and linguistic specialists passionately and professionally work to provide the best service within the shortest period of time and at competitive prices, which helped us attract significant clients providing them with certified legal translation service.

We offer varied translation services that are compatible with your work needs, in addition to localizing texts, apps, and websites, editing, rephrasing, and many other services.

We, at Dar Ibn Khaldun for Translation, are proud to be dealing with the most significant local and international companies and corporations, whereas we provide them with various services including for example but not limited to:

  • Proofreading: proofreading all texts, articles, research, and scientific thesis
  • Interpretation: we offer interpretation services in all languages (for commercial delegates or through events and conferences)
  • Translation from/to Arabic and English: for all documents, contracts, research, and other legal, academic, political, medical, technical, scientific, literary, and other types of documents
  • Translation from and into other languages: we cover language services and handle texts from and to 15 certified languages
  • Translating documentaries and films: our services are divided into two main sections; the first is represented in transcription for audio or video files in case of not having a printed script, while the section includes translation from the source language into the target language, whereas our team of localization specialists translates the script without affecting the meaning and main ideas thereof, which are usually lost or affected especially when dealing with texts in need for translation from English into Arabic.
Certified Translationof High Quality and at Competitive Prices

We, at Dar Ibn Khaldun for Translation, believe in the importance of time; that’s why we are highly keen to deliver translation projects on time on high levels of professionalism and quality using a human translation that is distinguished from fluency and authenticity.

You may face several difficulties when looking for certified translation offices in Jordan; such as having few translation options offered or the need for long periods for accomplishing translations, which affects your business progress.

That’s why our team of professional translators works hard in order to offer a wide span of services for dealing with texts to be translated from Arabic into English and vice versa and within the shortest periods of time, whereas we provide different options to clients upon requesting a quote, which includes rush service and shipping documents to client’s address.

Rates of the professional translation service offered by Dar Ibn Khaldun for Translation are considered within the best offered in the Arab and international markets, and within the translations services offered in Amman and Jordan in general; whereas that depends on the professional competence of our team of linguists and a clear and simple pricing system that enables our clients of understanding work progress while expecting specific budgets without worries.

We are also keen to provide ultimate customer service starting from the first communication until delivering the projects and ensuring content quality with the concerned employee of the client even after delivering the translated documents, we make sure that the text, timing, and quality are compatible with those expected by the client.

If you are looking for a translation office in Amman, you can contact us via email: [email protected], or directly :

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